Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holy. Epic. Batman.

Well, it's been an epic week. To say the least. Last Tuesday, Mr.Robinson was topping out his nemesis, the Never Ending Story. He was a move away from the finishing jug (for the second time that day) when his right foot slipped off and he took an extremely uncontrolled fall. I was unable to get a solid hold on him, and he landed on his foot, very awkwardly. The landing zone under Never Ending Story is all rock, and the first thing out of his mouth was "I broke my ankle!". We immediately submerged his foot in the river and with the help an amazing Swedish couple, and a nice British crew, were able to get him out safely, and into a hospital in Chur, which is about 30k away from the Magic Wood.

One screw, some sewing, and three nights later Paul was out of the hospital, and just flew back on Monday. On the drive back to the apt on Friday, Ryan and I stopped over in the Magic Wood to head back over to the Bruno Bloc (the river boulder). While warming up on the Super Nova, the slopiest problem one can imagine, he tore the gnarliest flapper I've seen. Seriously. I though I heard his fingernail ripping off. It wasn't. Good lord it was heinous. I did put down the Never Ending Story part II, 8a with authoritay. Snap.

Anyhow, here's a vid of Paul killing it. Footage of NES II and other dank things to come. JYEAH

The Riverbed from Garrett Koeppicus on Vimeo
And you can peep more info from our trip over at Trill Talk: With Ryan Sewell


CHL said...

DOOD-MAN. I just had a super-loud-tourettes outburst when I saw that flapper. ASDFASDFIKNNOOOOOOJJJJJ!!!! The trilltalk pic is also equally gnar. Good Jeorb on the video mang!!! Slow-Mo Shake, PIMP!!! Sucks about that ankle, saw it on the p-rob blog, boo!! Keep the rock-crushing going!!

GK! said...

ahhhhahahaha. I pretty much had the same outburst when I heard it happen! Yeah, I was thinking of also putting out the trilltalk pic, but then remember some folks check this out while eating breakfast. lofls.

ike said...

i check this out while eating breakfast! BUMMER about Paul's ankle! So He flew home? That sucks. Nice footage of the Riverbed though.