Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall is Coming

Hullo dabbers,

So the fall is fast approaching down in the south. I was able to get out last Sunday to climb at little rock city, w00t!! It was a fun day of moderate sandstone climbing, trying to warm my body back up in preparation for the seaaaaason! Kinda late, I know. That's what too much time in lab and the library will do. FATSAUCE!! Haha, heading up again tomorrow with Tommy C and Greg (will be his 1st time climbing outside, I'm psyched to get him on real rox).

Here's a shot on a fun face climb, you actually have to pull a couple real moves closer to the ground and the moves are sooper-lax the rest of the way, nice to get some height without having to worry about blowing it. Esp. without a spotter, hah!

LRC : A 2 Problem Short

LRC : A 2 Problem Short from Redcrashpad on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sick Day

This morning my tips are pink for the first time. Probably because of how hard we raged at the Magic Wood yesterday. I've made a little goal for myself to climb every V9 at the woods. Doesn't matter if it's turdy or sweet, have to climb it. Yesterday I did three in a day, I'm pretty sure it's a first for me. However, I must say hats off to Paul who threw down so hard.

He started the day with New Base Line V14, moved on to Deep Throat V13, Steppenwolf V13, The Arete V12, Free for All V12 and Son of a Gun V9. Which makes for 73 points of new problems in only 7 boulders. Ahem, GNAR. Not to mention we only climbed for about 4.5 hours. Jyeah-yah.

In other news my camera is BROKEN. Paul's off to Romania tomorrow for a comp, so I'm going to rectify the sitiation in Zurich. Keeeeep on crushin'!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Marathon Boulder, Day 2!!!!!11!

So after a second day of effort, the proud project on the "Marathon Boulder" (formerly the "Matterhorn") still has yet to see a send. Ivan is closest, while the rest of us are getting to just below his highpoint (the real business move). I feel good, but scared as fuck that high off the deck (which is pavement) with only a few pads. Let's take some serious padage soon.

Also, this line on the right arete got some attention at the end of the day. A different style, and perhaps not as classic, but still stand out in its own right.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

P-Rob vs. La Pelle

P-Rob vs. La Pelle from Garrett Koeppicus on Vimeo.

Hullo Hullo. A quicky from a short moist sesh in Cresciano this past Sunday. Mr.Robinson was psyched on getting this footage up on his blog so I cut this together today while resting. Jyeah-yah.

Also, there's a pic on the front page of taken by yours truly. Lofls.

pysched on magic wood tomorrow! should be gnar!

Sunday, September 14, 2008



How are you all? Well I hope!

As I see it, You can't facebook until you flickr. And you can't flickr until you update the Dab. And you can't update the Dab without climbing. So I've been climbing.

Everything went smoothly on the 2nd when Paul and I flew in. We rendezvoused easily, got our car, and even made it to our apt with no major hassles. The day was hot, and we were super jet-lagged so we just hiked up to Cresciano to scope it out. Dreamtime is REDUNKULOUS. First boulder we checked out. Psyched on having scoped the area we headed back to the apt, and planned on hitting up the boulders the next day.

Except that it rained. It rained for six days straight. Hard. With one brief interlude to the magic wood on friday the 5th when all of two boulders were dry. Oof. But the weather broke, and we've been shredding it up!

Paul and I are living in the town of Claro, which is:
-5 minutes from Cresciano
-25 minutes from Chironico
-35 minutes from Brione
-50 minutes from The Magic Wood

In those rainy days we scoped all of the areas, and they are pretty bangin. Bouldering by the river is pretty hard to beat.

In the sunny weather we've been hitting up the Magic Wood which is SPECTACULAR. The river boulder (supernova, neverending story etc, is quickly becoming one of my favorites, the setting is redunk).

There's a rad british crew that we've been climbing with, and we're already getting requests for UK editions of dab shirts. Haha EXPANSION.

Uploading here has been somewhat frustrating but to quote Paul "Dude, consider that we're hijacking wireless by sticking our computers out the window". LOFLS. so yeah. The seal has been broken, you can expect regular updates.

We're off to Chironico. Flickr update to begin this evening!



p.s. To envision cresciano, Imagine PCG, but more of it, and with bigger bouldarz. Yes, that is correct, more PCG. SNAP. So psyched for the days of 0 C.

Dabbing in Swizterland, Part I from Garrett Koeppicus on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Last Sunday

pic by Laura

pic by Laura

Who's down to go back in a couple weeks after it gets a little cooler? I really wanna send that first rig.