Friday, September 30, 2005

The Forthcoming Season

Well the season is on it's way in. The city is finally cooling down, I have been waiting for this for a long while. Everyone seems to be getting back into form, and will certainly grow stronger. Here is the ticklist that is hanging next to my bed:


Andy Capper
Even Lovely
Venus In Scorpio
Crouching Dragon
The Scratch
The Bizmark

Near Trapps:

Moby Dick

Kill Whitey
Slow Suicide
Vortex Yoga
The Terror Dome
Sicker than the Average

Central Park:
Sweat of the Rapist
Koma's Roof

Ice Pond:
Mercury in Retrograde
V7 Dyno
V6 Slopey thing

Fool's Gold
The Egg
The Suspense
Busted Shadow

As you can see it's pretty huge, basically these are the problems that I am quite interested in doing. I'm confident that quite a few will go down. I hope everyone's tick lists are reduced this season. Good luck and strong climbing everyone.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Drunk Diesel Party Camp

You are an idiot, Scott
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The weather in NYC is starting to get nice. Both the humidity and temperature is slowly dropping leading to even long sleeve shirts at night. Tonight we celebrated the birthday of one of our own: Barrelroll.

Originally we were planning a BBQ in Williamsburg along with some climbing and some drunkeness. But like everything in New York things change. Our celebration moved from Williamsburg to Harlem. Only a smidgen of climbing was achieved as along with the weather the sun also drops much quicker now.

In any event, Happy Birthday to Barrelroll!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Gunks Again

Rich Buddha
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Bouldering in the Trapps. Same bat-time. Same bat-location. One week later.

It started raining on us as soon as we arrived. We amused ourselves under Doug's Roof (Double Clutch, etc) until everything else dried.

Rich almost sent the Buddha and I almost took a photo with my Rollieflex (see photo). Well, at least I loaded the film.

Rich and I redeemed ourselves over the weaksauce showing of last week. I regained my sending ways on Black Boulder, Budha, Baby Hole, and others. I don't feel like a fraud when I say I am a boulder anymore.

El Rican ist en fuego, or something like that. Eric crushed. He nearly flashed the Budha, but failed. It took him a whole two more tries to send. He also sent Hettel Skettel in two or three tries. He is looking lean and mean after spending a month in Spain. However, judging by the number of post-climbing beers consumed Eric may be on track to regain his pre-Spain diesel physique.

Garrett crushed as usual. 82 points. No new problems though.

Sachiko was too busy making a ruckus and disturbing everyone in proximity to get around to sending many problems. She also decided to only speak to Garrett in Japanese.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Gunks Session

Many new ascents and strong improvements this past Sunday.

Diesel camp is producing excellent results. Just one of the segments from this weekend. Although the send didn't come on this particular climb, it demonstrates the level of excitment we had this weekend.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Dialogue with Sargent Diesel

Sept 23, 11:39 pm, Text Message from Garrett: Sarge sez, do 30 push ups.

Sept 24th 12:05 am, Recieved Message from Chris: yes SiR! Btw im purty buzzed jdawaaj u shouda come! we video bowled..,it wz de shit. next timd. G'night.

Sept 24th 1:09 am, Recieved Message from Chris: I m drunk and getting bugus rit now. Warp fun 2nigt. Peace hommies!jgmgdj-C


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mckenzie Pond and Little Falls Goodness

Scott on Great Roof of China, Tom on Sketches of Pain, Andy on Hippopotamus, Scott on Moss Isand Arrete, Garrett on Shut up Machine, Chris on Giant Sucker. Ahh... I am still psyched. Shout out to all the cool people up there and thanks! All Photos: Eric Monasterio.

The Weather Conundrum

Well, looking at the weather today. Saturday will be 71 degrees and sunny. Sunday, however, is currently 74 degrees and 40% chance of rain. I guess we'll just keep an eye on it, but mayhaps saturday would be better after all.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Garret, Rich and I went up to the gunks carraige road last weekend. Thanks to Kelly for joining us, not to mention driving us around. There were no major sends, but Rich and I both got shut down on Gill Crack and Baby Hole. I also got shut down on the Budha for the first time in recent memory.

Garret on Jaboo
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Scott Right of Black
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Alright Alright

We finally have the whole crew back together. Two of the group members, who shall remain nameless, are slow to start. Two are climbing strong. And one is looking to send strong.

Looking forward to a strong season.

Dab Defined

Dab: to strike or hit lightly (per

Dabber: someone who dabs.

Dabtronics: the method by which a dabber refines the art of dabbing until it is a science.

This blog is open to all dabbers in the pursuit of Dabtronics. Mastery of Dabtronics is generally gained via bouldering in Central Park and other NYC locals.