Monday, April 18, 2011

Do Bongs

Higher ground proved fruitful on seepy day.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Sandstone

A couple shots from the other weekend at LRC.

Dave Failla on Mono Doigt v5
Mono Doigt

Initially, thinking of mono pulling was pretty much a turn off for me, but the pockets scattered up the face turned out to be vurr cool. I bet this thing climbs even better will cool temps. Juicing the first "mono" requires bearing down with the middle finger and stacking the ring and index finger (or whatever u can fit on top of it. You then get a high step on a gunksy pebble or start hold) and crank up to a smaller mono, then balancy move surfing out left to good pocket, jack up feet then either weird-extended-cross move to crimp rail or top out straight up via slopppperz. Like a Boss. A V5 BOSS. OHYAYER.

Now and Zen v6/7
Now & Zen (V6/7)

Sharp left hand crimp and slightly less sharp right hand pinch to start. Right heel up on shelf then big move (for me) to accuracy-requiring-bastard-crimp. Adjust feet, catch small crimp out left then fun surfing via jugs to top. This thing was pwning me, kinda threw a wobbler, can't lie. Waaaahhh!!! Oh, bouldering...

asdfasdf. I am vicariously bouldering through blog. Hope there is climbing this weekend. HOLLAH!!


Photos by Stevenosloan, here is his flickr:
Mr. Sloan's Flickr

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Update 1.1

More climbing spots in. Update 1.1 now available in the Apple App store.

New features
Upload GPS tagged photos from your library (purple pins)
See your uploaded photos (Green pins)
See community photos (Red pins)
FB feed and Twitter Feed
Maps maintain last zoom view
Better list view

Who wants to help tag up more of the Gunks?
I'm going to go up sometime next weekday.


The Rib
Three Star v1 @ Little Rock City
Vur Fun, Vur Nice. Do it twice, pls. K? Thx!
Steven O. Sloan floating it.

Also, it is gettin freeking warm down here. Rope action is imminent. Not sure how I feel about that. Pfwah!! Should be good. Maybe. Waaaaah!!