Tuesday, October 21, 2008

AHEM! Random Pics from Teh Souf.

Just a few shots I found on the desktop *cough*

LRC - Chattanooga, TN
G on The Shield

Tennesse E, working Redhouse, Super Mario Boulder

ROCKTOWN - La Fayette, GA

Rescue 911
You guys haven't seen this problem. But I think you'd all like it.
Slopies, the bit of chalk cropped out at the very bottom of the frame
is the 2nd or 3rd hold on the problem. Starts in an open-pit type thing. Climbs up, out, and up. Spotter on the platform.
Spotter down in the depths...if yer feelin scurred!

Left Side of the Photo Sherman Roof - Brown Hole

Inspired by an Idiot Roof

Just Sayin.


Puffy Green said...

i want super mario bros...:)

Puffy Green said...

BTW nice pics!

GK! said...

JYEAH! I love de south! Gettin' so psyched. Golden Harvest, The Shield, MUTHAFUKKIN INSTINCT>>!!!! yeeaaaaahhhh

EM said...

Oh daaaady!!!!

CHL said...