Saturday, October 25, 2008

a day in the woods

From climbing

since no one else was willing to ditch work, school, or whatever obligations they felt beholden to keep, I engaged a stealth solo mission to pcg. it was a prototypically amazing fall day on the gneiss. I almost ended my day early by re-spraining my ankle on the walk in!

undeterred, I recalled the advice of my middle school football coach, "walk it off son" and proceeded to the boulders with ginger step. not so secretly, I wondered if my ill-luck on the approach would translate into the same such for climbing. Fortunately, after a slow, tentative warm-up, it turned into my best day ever at the ice pond.
deep woods off


I also returned to settle scores with "birds of a feather (on which I sprained my ankle last time). There is some weird mojo happening with injuries right now. beware, climb safe.


GK! said...

Hey Dude! Sick day!!!! Good lord, the gaston beta on Unleaded is heinous. The problem name you're looking for is Deep Woods Off. Thing's pretty cool I must say. Skippin' skool for a dank sesh is always valid.

emo said...

is there other beta to be had on unleaded?

GK! said...

You can toe hook way out left, it's sort of painful at first, but if you get it set right, it feels amazing. Lets you bump up left again to that slopey rail, then cross right hand over to it. Skips the gaston entirely.

Puffy Green said...

Hard Core!!

CHL said...

that is a proud day for shuuure