Friday, December 30, 2005

Sun Prabola

Back from the Good Island! Took Brad up to see Van Courtland Park. It was a beautiful day. I know I have been forbidden from posting pics of this problem but I don't care. If you don't like it, do better. Hope the dirtey crew is having a great trip! Em pics: Large male Iguana in the Mangroves in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. A trained eye can spot a female in the backround. Brad samples the undocumentable Sketch factor on SlingBlade.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


got a video camera.


ps. <3 Arrrrrrkansas.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

In Need of Camera

Arkansas is sick with a capital S-I-C-K. Climbing at secret spot yesterday that sharma was not even shown. Projects abound. Two illsickgnar heinous projects started yesterday on bullet hard, clean sandstone. both proud highballs. one prolly V8/9ish, the other prolly V10ish?? I NEED a camera. Damon Corso and Merrick Ales both considering coming here... hope one of them does because this shit needs documenting (under the location: "secret spot, ozarks" of course.)

Wish you were here. Seriously.


Monday, December 19, 2005

The dirty dirty

1) this is brad
2) i'll be climbing down south december 28th, 29th and 30th.
3) who will be where. i'd like to link up with the crew as my crew from college that lives in chatanooga are doing more complaining and smoking then climbing lately.


ps.... the gunks are still snowy snowy. was up there for a long warm session yesterday, props to eric on all the rockstar boulder sends and to andy on twister.

4) this is eric. Yes and icy icy making downclimb = more scary. Great temps. Sorry I missed everyone in the city this weekend. Dabs abound. Hope VC was prosperous. Looks like I'm headed to P.R. for a while. Would still love to hit teh dirty although many obstacles stand. EM pics: Brad on Twister and Andy on Tequila. Tequila with a Twister.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Peace Out

Goin to Arkansas for 27 days, starting tomorrow. Gonna send some shiz.

Monday, December 12, 2005

snow gunks

SS egg
Originally uploaded by apt8.

eric, scott and i made our way through the snow this past sunday. each one of us were shot down by different gill problems, even though we clearly had the holds. eric on the egg, scott on the double clutch and me on the gill crack.

although snowy, it was pretty warm and very relaxing to be up there.

check out the photo sequence of eric on the gill egg (although they were from 2 seperate attempts the combo uploaded is much cooler looking) and scott sending.

+ Scott gave his head cam a test run. Altough the aim was off, I can't wait to see the footage. Rich continues to represent his dark jedi backround. You can see his ominous figure spotting Scott on Double Clutch. Chris... I have some pics I should forward to your skillful Photoshop desk.

P.S. Scott, know that I would love to play golf with you anytime.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Morningside Park Ice

Morningside Park Ice
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Ice Climbing season is approaching.

I took this photo two seasons ago. The ice in Morningside Park was fat. I went out ice bouldering a few times that season at the crack of dawn. I dinner plated and nearly took a 20+ foot fall into the icy talus below. I fell, but due to some miracle my other axe didn't cut.

West Point Climbing

Ring Ring

Dude on Phone: My friend gave me your number and told me you wanted directions to the climbing at West Point.

Scott: Huh? Um.. Yeah, okay.

DoP: take the palisades north. it turns into 9W
follow the signs to West Point
take a right hand turn at the McDonald's
park at the end of the road when it deadends
walk along the train tracks untill you get to the cliff
you will see the bolted routes
bring an ID incase Cadets ask for it

Scott: Um. Is the McDonald's in West Point?

DoP: It is basically on the outskirts of town.

Scott: Is it okay to be there, or do you need permission or anything?

DoP: The cliff isn't on West Point property. You are allowed to be there. The Cadets go there a lot to clean and maintain. They might ask for your ID.

Scott: Okay. Sweet.

DoP: Later.

Note: Manhattan Plaza gym has a copy of a paper guide by Ned Crossley.

Friday, December 09, 2005

cat rock session in the cold

monasterio @ cat rock 01
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monasterio @ cat rock 02
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yang @ cat rock
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Originally uploaded by apt8.

the sun beat on our welcoming backs while we grabbed hold of the grit like rock. no major sends but strong improvements nonetheless. it didn't matter that it was about 29 degrees as any day climbing is better than any day working. lets set our sites on sunday!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

If you don't, I will. Please Post up. ;D

I find myself getting quite antsy as I drink my coffee in the morning and find no new postings on dabtronics. I have MANY super sweet pics that were taken by DGROM who has no clue of how to post them and has put little effort into finidng out. He's asked me not to post his pics cause he wants to post them. This is your last warning, Guillo. I'm gonna start postin' em pretty soon and I don't wanna hear any "can I go in and get my jacket, I'm gonna freeze in 80 degree weather! With that said, I'm posting 2 pics that Ezra shot @ Rumney. That's me on PollyPurebred seconds before the beggining of my mental breakdown. I lost all focus. I hangdogged and Dabbed and Elvised and everything else weaksauce on this fun and easy route (Guide says 10b locals said 10b/c). I was so out of it, when I got to the top, I failed to see the anchors and began a bouldery traverse leading to a roof (the beggining of the next pitch, a 511 something). I was commited on going for it when Ezra and Guillo were like: "Eric! where are you going?" Too tired to talk, I pointed up @ the roof above my head and they were like: "DUDE!, the anchors are way back there." Shit! Had to traverse back and anchor in. When I got down I thought I would puke. A strange experince. I realredpointed many harder routes but I lost it on this one. ;) The anchors were right by those kids on the neighboring climb. They had just hiked the one I'm on, hehe. I was going for the crack on the roof all the way right thinking the anchors were on top of it. Oops. POST UP!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Usalama Water Project - Fundraising Party

Check out the Usalama Water Project website I made. Then come to our party: Dab

Party Flyer
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Thurs 12.15.05
$20 Cover includes 1 drink
Morrisey Park
121 St. Mark's Pl @ Ave