Friday, November 23, 2007

yo dabers.
hello to you all. some of you i know, some of you i think i know, some of you i will meet someday.
i have been reading and looking at this kick ass blog for some time. this is my first contribution
i have been dabing since the first day at rat rock some five years ago. since then i kinda left the bouldering to the strong, and focused on trad and ice. its been swell.
i dig it the most that some of you have been dabing with trad and such.
i can say that i am somewhat responsible for making tuesdays night so popular, by bringing the rican to tha dentists. i still remember the night we met up, and i could not find the place, meanwhille the rican had been walking by the gym everyday on the way to the subway.
its been a sweet ass time with you all. i have met some amazing people there. since then some have moved away, but more have been coming.
i am writing this from brooklyn, my home. on monday iam traveling to the west coast. i bought a one way ticket, i have a 'pig'. iam packing ropes, shoes, cams and nuts, as well as ice axes and crampons, bringing flipflops, and sunblock. the reason for this is..... i have not much of a clue where iam going to go after i arrive in LA. 4 options exist. go north to oregon, go east to colorado, go south to arizona, or go west to hawaii.
it might be some time before i see you all. but the way i see it .. this familly of dabers is going to have another ambasador somewhere else in the world.
make sure you come and visit. so we can KRUSh like we do.
also maybee you guys can help me... ...
i dont know tooo many people out west probaly a dozen or less. iam sure i will meet more.
if any of you know people out there, who would not mind showing me around or letting me crash on their floor. that would be sweet.

i dont make plans to far in advance... i just DO IT.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

more vegas pics

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Monday, November 05, 2007

peter's KILLING IT

peterskill_8299.jpg peterskill_8288.jpg peterskill_8225.jpg peterskill_8239.jpg peterskill_8219.jpg

peterskill_8204.jpg peterskill_8208.jpg peterskill_8209.jpg peterskill_8268.jpg peterskill_8176.jpg

this is my first post on the dabTronics site and it may very well be the proudest and most highest achievement of my life and life in general thus far.