Saturday, December 10, 2005

West Point Climbing

Ring Ring

Dude on Phone: My friend gave me your number and told me you wanted directions to the climbing at West Point.

Scott: Huh? Um.. Yeah, okay.

DoP: take the palisades north. it turns into 9W
follow the signs to West Point
take a right hand turn at the McDonald's
park at the end of the road when it deadends
walk along the train tracks untill you get to the cliff
you will see the bolted routes
bring an ID incase Cadets ask for it

Scott: Um. Is the McDonald's in West Point?

DoP: It is basically on the outskirts of town.

Scott: Is it okay to be there, or do you need permission or anything?

DoP: The cliff isn't on West Point property. You are allowed to be there. The Cadets go there a lot to clean and maintain. They might ask for your ID.

Scott: Okay. Sweet.

DoP: Later.

Note: Manhattan Plaza gym has a copy of a paper guide by Ned Crossley.


EM said...


gk. said...

That's whack! Let's go sometime!!!

ike said...

Yo i'm all about the bolted spurt clizzle/slash/let's go ... but anyone down for some drilled out 5.13 action at Kingston come next semster?