Monday, December 12, 2005

snow gunks

SS egg
Originally uploaded by apt8.

eric, scott and i made our way through the snow this past sunday. each one of us were shot down by different gill problems, even though we clearly had the holds. eric on the egg, scott on the double clutch and me on the gill crack.

although snowy, it was pretty warm and very relaxing to be up there.

check out the photo sequence of eric on the gill egg (although they were from 2 seperate attempts the combo uploaded is much cooler looking) and scott sending.

+ Scott gave his head cam a test run. Altough the aim was off, I can't wait to see the footage. Rich continues to represent his dark jedi backround. You can see his ominous figure spotting Scott on Double Clutch. Chris... I have some pics I should forward to your skillful Photoshop desk.

P.S. Scott, know that I would love to play golf with you anytime.


Anonymous said...

dude. we got some great photos!

the snowy white background is awesome and us climbing with the jackets makes it hardcore

CHL said...

Hell yea, some sweeet pics man, wish i could been there. Forward me those pics meng, it'll complete the trilogy! I'm also down for golf, Happy Gilmore style and shit. Hell Yea. I gots the superior chipping and putting skills yo.

Anonymous said...

i got some great darth yang pics for you too!!

gk. said...

I miss climbing. Looks like you chaps have been having fun. I cannot wait to go down south. yarrrg.