Friday, December 30, 2005

Sun Prabola

Back from the Good Island! Took Brad up to see Van Courtland Park. It was a beautiful day. I know I have been forbidden from posting pics of this problem but I don't care. If you don't like it, do better. Hope the dirtey crew is having a great trip! Em pics: Large male Iguana in the Mangroves in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. A trained eye can spot a female in the backround. Brad samples the undocumentable Sketch factor on SlingBlade.


ike said...

boldering in a down jacket. fuckin classic.

CHL said...

Where the eff is that iguana?

EM said...

Look at the male iguana and notice its spines. Now look where the spines end on the beggining of the tail, on that second, black stripe. Now look straight below that spot, below the branch its on. There, in between that branch and the next horisontal branch, you can see the eye and head and shoulder of the greener, smaller female.