Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Gunks Again

Rich Buddha
Originally uploaded by scottsnelling.
Bouldering in the Trapps. Same bat-time. Same bat-location. One week later.

It started raining on us as soon as we arrived. We amused ourselves under Doug's Roof (Double Clutch, etc) until everything else dried.

Rich almost sent the Buddha and I almost took a photo with my Rollieflex (see photo). Well, at least I loaded the film.

Rich and I redeemed ourselves over the weaksauce showing of last week. I regained my sending ways on Black Boulder, Budha, Baby Hole, and others. I don't feel like a fraud when I say I am a boulder anymore.

El Rican ist en fuego, or something like that. Eric crushed. He nearly flashed the Budha, but failed. It took him a whole two more tries to send. He also sent Hettel Skettel in two or three tries. He is looking lean and mean after spending a month in Spain. However, judging by the number of post-climbing beers consumed Eric may be on track to regain his pre-Spain diesel physique.

Garrett crushed as usual. 82 points. No new problems though.

Sachiko was too busy making a ruckus and disturbing everyone in proximity to get around to sending many problems. She also decided to only speak to Garrett in Japanese.


EM said...

Four beers ain't cause for comotion!

gk. said...

awww man, now I can't post that photo on b.com cuz I'll get accused of power spotting. LOLZ. good post mang. Yeah but Eric mang, 4 beers as a post send pre-dinner snack is a cause for commotion.

Anonymous said...

he earned it. buddha in 3 tries.

3 tries = 3 beers
4th beer for happiness
yuengling at the rocks for pain relief

Anonymous said...

Wait, I did a new problem. The unnamed one on Marekesh, i think it's Marekesh.

EM said...

I am in love with the unnamed one on Marekesh! I LOVE IT! OK so it was one beer on the carriage road, thanks to Martin and that bouldering crew we met up with, then two as pre-dinner snacks followed by the most delicious fish burrito on the planet, followed by one more for dessert. For my backround, education, race, gender, and sexual orinetation, that's pretty chill. Plus nothing was gonna override the adrenaline I had going anyway.

CHL said...

That pic of Rich on the Buddha is pretty dope.