Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Drunk Diesel Party Camp

You are an idiot, Scott
Originally uploaded by apt8.

The weather in NYC is starting to get nice. Both the humidity and temperature is slowly dropping leading to even long sleeve shirts at night. Tonight we celebrated the birthday of one of our own: Barrelroll.

Originally we were planning a BBQ in Williamsburg along with some climbing and some drunkeness. But like everything in New York things change. Our celebration moved from Williamsburg to Harlem. Only a smidgen of climbing was achieved as along with the weather the sun also drops much quicker now.

In any event, Happy Birthday to Barrelroll!


gk. said...

Hope you guys had fun. Word.

EM said...

Felicidades and many more!

CHL said...

Happy B-day Barrellroll, hope to climb with you all soon. Yeeee-ah.

satimo* said...

thanks alot!!!
i had a really good time even if i looked not :)
it was so good anchovie pizza!!
i'll make anchovie pasta and sangria next time for somebody's b-day.

thanks again ;) arigato!