Friday, September 30, 2005

The Forthcoming Season

Well the season is on it's way in. The city is finally cooling down, I have been waiting for this for a long while. Everyone seems to be getting back into form, and will certainly grow stronger. Here is the ticklist that is hanging next to my bed:


Andy Capper
Even Lovely
Venus In Scorpio
Crouching Dragon
The Scratch
The Bizmark

Near Trapps:

Moby Dick

Kill Whitey
Slow Suicide
Vortex Yoga
The Terror Dome
Sicker than the Average

Central Park:
Sweat of the Rapist
Koma's Roof

Ice Pond:
Mercury in Retrograde
V7 Dyno
V6 Slopey thing

Fool's Gold
The Egg
The Suspense
Busted Shadow

As you can see it's pretty huge, basically these are the problems that I am quite interested in doing. I'm confident that quite a few will go down. I hope everyone's tick lists are reduced this season. Good luck and strong climbing everyone.


EM said...

Yikes... your gonna be hard to keep up with papi.
:) Psyched. What about Orange Julius? I want that thing and Village Idiot, Cloud Nine, Marekesh Express/Dyno, Illustrius, Welcome to the Terrordome, Delicate Soul, Tiger Style, Gill Egg?, PRIVATE ANGEL!!!, Juice, KomaDabStart, CapBringDown, Slobadon, IF, LOLS, Venus on a Halfshell... and a bunch of problems I never heard of! I hope... Haahahahaahahahaahhaaaaaaaaa!!

Anonymous said...

I want

Heather Locklear
Angelina Jolie
Diane Lane
Jessica Alba
Halle Berry
Gabrielle Union
Christina Aguilera


a whole lot of chocolate syrup

gk. said...

LOLS that's an awesome name. Eric, joose got the energy mang!

Heather Locklear - Ho'
Angelina Jolie - Buoy Lips - but I'll take her
Diane Lane - WTF??
Jessica Alba - I make dookies on her face
Hall Berry - LOSER
Gabrielle Union - Go back to the square!
Christina Aguilera - SLUT FACE COCK MONKEY!

Anonymous said...

It is obvious who spends 8 hours a day on making fun of other peoples pics.

Diane Lane is hot.
besides, i'm not looking for purity.

gk. said...

diane lane - after googling her I've decided that her hollowed out, chasm like cheek bones frighten me.