Wednesday, August 30, 2006

rocks in india

so round two of india trip has not been the most relaxing. from the minute i've stepped off the plane i have worked 14 hours on a consistent daily basis.

hyderabad is a another boulder mecca. unfortunately most of the rocks are being blasted to make room for all the noveau riche IT industry expat housing.

everyday my driver (yes, i am cheauffered around)takes me through the different routes to the office and everyday i see so much potential boulders. the minute i have some time off i'm going to this park that is littered with rocks (many of which has been spray painted by advertising). the picture above is right outside the parking lot of my office. so close, yet so far due to my insane hours. sorry for the crap ass picture quality. phone camera doesn't zoom too well. a few more on flickr.

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