Monday, August 14, 2006

Dabtronics Convention 2006

So this past weekend the DABTRONICS® crew convened in the greater Albany area (and that's ALL-bany, not AL-bany) for 3 straight days of crushing rock. Needless to say, the trip was quite successful; however, even if we spun into a parallel universe and ended up dabbing through the whole trip, it would have still been fun as shit.

The rides in the big white van were so pimping, it was unbelievable. And the facilites and hospitality of the Koeppicus Ranch were excellent. 5*****s. Much thanks to G and his Dad

My body feels pretty tired, but I am not neeeearly as wrecked as I was after last year's excursion. Probably due to the fact that we just crushed everything so quickly and kept moving on, YAY-ER. Can you feel the spray yet? Well, it actually aint spray, I'm just sayin' how it is, ya nawmean'?

Ok, I felt like I was going to say something else...props to the Felch for the one of the most balls out sends I've ever born witness to. Snooze Button!! So rad. So radical. Radizzleness. Props to the whole crew in fact, cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuushed!!! Was a beautiful weekend with great friends, climbing, food, throwing stars, fire works, combos, pimp rides, tunes, and everything else...

P.S. - Here are some random pics, more pics to come.

Chateau Koeppicus
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La la la la la...
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RY @ McKenzie Pond
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EP Crystal 2
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JF @ 9 corners
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9 Corners Lake
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9 Corners Rope Swing
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EM and SS
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Anonymous said...


i'm tired and sore but i rather be out there than sitting here in the office.

EM said...

SOooooo GoooooooOood! WhoooooOoooT!

CoolerThanJesus said...

nice man, thanks for all the props. That shot of the Lake is gorgeous, the clouds look craaaazy.

Scott Snelling said...