Tuesday, January 10, 2006

pirate kansas 5 days left.

this is a crosspost.

Arkansas is AMAZING. With only 5 days left, I regret that I've seen so little of the rock this state has to offer ... which at the same time is SO MUCH rock. At a gorgeous local (access sensitive) area, there is more rock than a crew of the strongest climbers could develop in a lifetime (a mere 20 minute drive from where I have been staying, in Dardanelle.) An hour and a half away is the town of Jasper and the Horseshoe Canyon Ranch and surrounding areas (Busby Hollow, Low Gap, The Zone, and other areas.) I hadn't been sending many hard problems on the trip (coming close to lots, but sending nothing hard) until this Sunday. I did a problem at Low Gap called Brass Knuckles. The first photo I've posted here is of Brass Knuckles. The other photos are of another problem on the same boulder, named Bloody Knuckles, which goes at V12 supposedly.

I am having too great a time and I don't want to go back to New York.


EM said...

Hmm... Severe rip off DAB!

ike said...

not my photos obviously, but they are they hotness... not a ripoff, i just don't own a freakin camera.