Monday, October 17, 2005

Moby Dick

Great temperatures on Sunday and a mild injury. Thanks to Brad for driving Chris and Tricia back. Also thanks to Andy and Rich for their presents and Kippy for power spotages and getting G to fart on my lap... that was beat.
Climbers: Garrett, Kippy, Andy, Brad. Pics: EM.


gk. said...

I definitely had the ass dab of the day, pootin on you mang. Terribly sorry, but at least I didn't lift up and getcha in the face. Besides, kippy was much more potent with his flatulation. Yesterday overall was sick. Very very very funny. I hope chris's girlfriend gets better. There was sendage and conditions were very very good. I'm way psyched.

Eric I definitely think you could do the following problems we were on:

-Moby Dick
-Monk Roof
-Illustrious Buddha
-Rock Lord

And those photos are sick.

CHL said...

Haha, Chris' girlfriend, funny man, eh?

Sick Photos maaaan. I likey a lot.

As for my "girlfriend". I need to drink a lot of chi juice. My hand is so weaksauce right now. The thought of slapping a hold makes me wanna cry. *Sob*

gk. said...

Chi juice. LOLOLOL

EM said...

LOLS! You'll be good in no time Chris. Total wuss out on Rock Lord fo sho. Thanks I'm gonna do em.

gk. said...

eric post up some venus pics

EM said...

gk see friction. Think it's the best pic from that problem.

gk. said...

threre're some other shots i thought would look good. Like the one from the left where I'm bumping my left hand up. Post that shit up too