Thursday, October 06, 2005

Exclusive Interview

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Johnny Landry

Hot off the exclusive interview with Johnny Landry. Mr. Landry currently resides in a Ford Econoline parked in front of the Hueco Rock Ranch. He will be in Hueco through April, 2006.

SS: So, Mr. Landry, are you a dabber?
JL: Huh?
SS: I can vouch for you. Once a dabber, always a dabber. You just didn't know that you were a dabber, because you were a dabber before we knew there was such a thing.
JL: Yeah?
SS: So how is the climbing life?
JL: You can't beat it.
SS: I've been thinking about taking some time off and trying to see how many mountians I can climb. The only thing is that I am liking my job right now. I am working on some interesting projects...
JL: I would do it sooner than later.
SS: Where were you staying before you got to Hueco (5 days ago)?
JL: I was in Boulder. I soloed the flat irons. Flat iron #2 was supposed to be 5.2, but we didn't know that you are supposed to go up the right side. We went straight up. It was full-on the whole way.
SS: How hard do you think it was?
JL: 5.9 slab. It was full-on. At one point I was on these loose plates. They could have broken any second.
SS: How far would you have fallen?
JL: Up there? At those plates...probably 500 feet. It was full-on.
SS: I guess it doesn't matter wether you have medical insurance or not when you are looking at a fall like that.
JL: You should come out for a long weekend of bouldering.
SS: I want to. So are you climbing strong right now?
JL: Yeah.

Links to johnny's websites to follow.

Interview is loosely paraphrased, but accurate in spirit.


gk. said...

Ha, awesome. Sounds like I'm definiely going to have to go to hueco now. So did you guys chat on the phone? cause that'd be ill. Gotta talk to him.

yangwave said...

in the tone of the Simpsons Comic book guy "Worst interview ever"

ha ha.

some vids and slideshows with Johnny. Courtesy from Johnny's email.

Scott Snelling said...

just google Hueco Rock Ranch to get the number. Call him up and say: "yo"