Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sum Souf Shtuf

Some random shots of boulderz in the south. w00t!
Joe O. on the Godfather @ Moss Rock Preserve. Cool line climbing out right from the reignition cave. JO setting up for a loooooong move to small hold. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. bizatbizat.

Micah on Southern Slang @ Suck Creek, TN.
This is a steeep, vur nice line climbing out the prow on INCUT CRIMPS, finishing with a big/long move out over the lip. soopacool. Good motivation to get stronger, hahaha.  Line reminds me of something from the northeast, atypical of the south.

Matt Hanner on Latin For Dagger @ LRC. Posted a vid of this before, but the boulder has teh plusplus colors. yup.

Hope all is well out there!

p.s. - when is the next souf trip? muahahaha!! oh btw, i'll be in nyc late June will get you guys teh infos soon. lets go climb some of that newness in the junks. or cp. wah! hollah!


Jimmy said...

That looks really good!

EasternClimber said...

Just when I get a little proud of the stuff up in the Northeast, I am forced to stare at these.

Nice shots!

CHL said...

spanks doodz!

shout out to team sweden! i just got of my lazy interweb fingers and finally loaded the google translaaate. woot! expect comment assault shortly. Thx.

easternclimber - wutwutwut!!thx, climbing in the south is vur nice, i miss the gunks too though, waaahh!!

CHL said...

p.s. - want to climb. want to climb the rocks.

GK! said...

OH ZOMG. Why is it that we're all so psyched on climbing?! SHRALLLP!!! Climb on ze rocks, so we may climb on ze rocks togethers!

Go team Sverige! Unf.

GK! said...

btw, I want to go to suck creek and ignition cave next time I'm down. Fo reelz.