Sunday, June 21, 2009

Little River Canyon, Alabama

Heyheyhey, Dabbers!

I finally made it to the Little River Canyon two weekends ago. Its getting brutally hot down here, but I lucked out that weekend. It was actually supposed to rain but it held out so the clouds ended up providing good shade, w00t! Yesh, weather-gods are out-run once again, muahaha!!!

So the Canyon is actually a legit National Preserve. Vurry wild once you descend into it, managable once you get there; however, there is no published guidebook for the area. Very cool drive up to the top of the preserve, but very easy to get lost if you don't know where you're going. I'm psyched to do more climbing up there and check out the other walls, and I heeeaar that the water bouldering is plusplus. Most of you have probably heard of the Concave, yes? I'm not even going over there until it cools off and I lose some of the slothy-fatness.

I had to get back to the city early so I was only able to climb at the Unshackled Wall. DOPE. This place is sooper good, great lines, great rock, and STEEP, STEEP, STEEP. Must get stronger. Here's a couple of "Iron Mike", steepest 12a in the Canyon? REALLY COOL BLOCKY features (actually reminded me of the gunks a bit, like the last half of Gelsa but on roids or something), good holds, steep with the cruxy move 2 bolts from the end. More to come once I procure the pics.

Iron Mike photo credit : Samy Kunze


p.lee. said...

wow! those shapes are awesome.

GK! said...

uh, snap.

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EM said...

So many features! Where to go?