Thursday, May 14, 2009

ROCKTOWN : 2 Classics

Hey Daaaabbbbers!!

Took a study break late last night and decided to start a video.

Never a good idea when I need to get work done. Hah! Stayed up till the wee hours of the morning to finish this. I don't know if you guys have met Mr. Ben Gerhardstein, he's done some time up in the northeast (RI&Midwest), currently he is an ATL resident / local strong-mo / beer enthusiast dirtysouthbeerclub / among other things. Soooo, here's a short one of him cleaning up 2 Rocktown classics in a day. Yay-er!!

You lose out on the draw this time, Vimeo! Waiting on line...ppppfffttt!! Vimeo has been essentially a none-functioning sight for me now. Is anyone else having that problem?

Oh! Also, anyone wanna hook a dabber up with a copy of iMovie?! My is buggy as hell, many features don't work and my comp is too crotchety for fcp. Anyone? W00t!! Hope all is well out there!



EM said...

havent' had vimeo problems. I can send ya something when I get back to the city. We'z in Oregonz woOPT!

GK! said...

Was worth you stayin' up late! HUZZZAH.


I can relate to this vid, is nice. Music plus fat kid pool exit was most excellent. Hahahahahahahahahaha

EM said...

loveen eet