Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Climbing With tEh Ropz

Whattap dabbers?!?!

So, bouldering season is winding down for me. And for the first time I think I am going to try and put some serious effort into some sport-styley climbing. There seems to be a good bit of quality sport areas down in the southeast. I never really had the motivation to check them out until now. PSYCHED!

Currently, I've only checked out Foster Falls and SandRock, located in Jasper/TN and Centre/AL, respectively. Here is a shot from Foster Falls, really aesthetic area. The waterfall was raging due to the rain we've been getting lately and the river runs down a small valley alongside the cliffband. Vur Nice!

Here's a route called "Ethnic Cleansing". Super cool problem, I'm sure all yous-guys would be psyched on it / crush it. Has some bouldery moves for sure, even a jump out of a roof to a jug seam! Blind toss for me, yay-er! So much fun. Will have more pictures up on flickr soon. Hope all is well out there!

*EDIT - Foster Falls Set for a few more shots, with notes.*


CHL said...

P.S. - Btw, I haven't sent this rig yet. hopefully next time I'm out. still working on the whole sport-head / endurance thaaaaang. yup.

GK! said...

snap! looks quite bodanky-dank. Will you have fire hoses for veins? I don't know! But it will help with the pump.

fo sho!

EM said...

I know mine does!