Sunday, February 22, 2009

Slam Dance

Highbridge Dirt Jumps from The Supermarket on Vimeo.

i haven't been climbing because my finger is screwed up. so i went out and bought a bmx bike.
i found this place up by the cloisters with a dirt jump park. it's so sick. so i'd been throwing myself at the big ones. awesome. success. this was the first day out of 3 that i have been able to clear them. i was cruising them. wiping my hiney with the rear tire. then i bailed. first time wasn't so bad. was caught leaning back too far on the first kicker and the rear wheel hit first and the bike shot out from under me and every joint cracked in unison upon impact. nothing serious. redeemed myself by hitting them again and again. i started to gettin' good. sun was going down and i was getting ready to call it a day but it was too much fun to stop and it's suppose to snow tonight. started pedaling at the first one and i knew before i hit it that i wasn't going fast enough. nose dive to slam dance and that was it for me. my wrist got jammed and it's super stiff and sore. might take some time for this thing to heal up... cause it feels broken.


yangwave said...

doh!!! so the supermarket is closed?

The Supermarket said...

Never! I'm looking into unicycles now.

EM said...