Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sick Day

This morning my tips are pink for the first time. Probably because of how hard we raged at the Magic Wood yesterday. I've made a little goal for myself to climb every V9 at the woods. Doesn't matter if it's turdy or sweet, have to climb it. Yesterday I did three in a day, I'm pretty sure it's a first for me. However, I must say hats off to Paul who threw down so hard.

He started the day with New Base Line V14, moved on to Deep Throat V13, Steppenwolf V13, The Arete V12, Free for All V12 and Son of a Gun V9. Which makes for 73 points of new problems in only 7 boulders. Ahem, GNAR. Not to mention we only climbed for about 4.5 hours. Jyeah-yah.

In other news my camera is BROKEN. Paul's off to Romania tomorrow for a comp, so I'm going to rectify the sitiation in Zurich. Keeeeep on crushin'!


CHL said...

Camera Dab!!! Boo!!!

Yous guys are redunkulous! Good to hear the crush is strong with you guys.

Have you scoped dreamtime yet?!

GK! said...

Dude! Teh time of dreaming was the first boulder we went to the day we got here. I'll do the stand for sure. SO psyched on it. It's amazing. Perfect PCG, aesthetic and by itself. It would get CHL approval.

ike said...

why don't you have an SLR? buy one in Zurich.

joshunojoshu said...

have camera, will travel.
gettin some more pennies together. You climb, I'll come document.

GK! said...

I like the cut of your jib Josh.