Monday, May 12, 2008

initial results

{an initial photo report, as snelling did most of the photage.}
gk on the big arete in the ramble mud. the elbow damage. thank god everything looked worse than it feels. props to everyone who came out and went the full distance, it ruled. hard. there is already talk of a summer solstice dabathon starting out from van cortland and moving south. i eagerly await this event.
by my count, I think i got in 55 problems. I'm not sure what other people did, or if they even counted. I just wanted to break 50. with some ingenuity and pluck, I think the brave and the bold could squeeze out 70 next time around. new problems were sent by many. yang slayed pile driver and nearly cleaned up guns, cars, and sitars. next time around... the crew moved with efficiency and nearly stayed together the whole time, though we lost the thread right at the end. burgers and beers ended the day and my tips are still a little tender.
the big news from this trip is that the ramble rules and st. nicolas park holds one of the raddest problems in nyc. check it out, its always christmas in new york.

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Garrett Koeppicus said...

by my count:

9 people
9 bikes
7 parks
30+ miles
40 problems
105 points
19hours 27 minutes
7 burgers
1 guiness stew

Day was awesome, big ups to all y'all getting me psyched! Will crush even more next time! Still sore, including my butt.

Solstice will be redunkulous, the st.nick crack problem is pure gold, doing new problems is $$$$$$.