Tuesday, April 22, 2008

dab marathon 2008

the manifest:

1)cat rock
2)rat rock
3)the ramble
4)west side outcrops
5)110th st areas (worthless, shit rock, etc)
6)st. nicolas park
7)highbridge park (south and north)
10)van cortlandt

the idea: climb at least one problem at every area, though ideally you will climb as many as you can at each area. we can tally up points at the end of the day, but no, its not a competition, only "with yourself" as the saying goes. bikes are the mode of transport, no trains, cabs, or send-mobiles will be allowed. from my vantage point in brooklyn, its about 15 miles up to van cortlandt. the crux here is that to finish the game, you have to bike it back to brooklyn (or wherever else may be home). so, if you don't have a bike, beg, borrow, (don't steal, there is an especially devious place in hell reserved for bike theives), or do whatever it takes to procure a velo for this event. so there is potential here to do between 50 and 100 boulder problems and ride your bike for 30 miles, plus you get to visit all the lovely bouldering areas in nyc in one day. rulin'.
no date set yet, but i'm feeling that it should be soon. i guess we should wait for snelling to get back from the west coast before we embark, but other than that, its anybody's guess, or suggestion?


CHL said...

ohyay-er. that sounds iiilllll! Keep the marathon updated, maybe I will try to make it also. have to find a bike though, haha.

.s.s. said...

don't forget about morningside, marcus garvey, and jackie robinson park. And 110 includes the laskar ice rink boulder, of course.

#4378553 said...

AAAHHHH yeah! It'll have to be a Half Dome day!

ike said...

um, i don't ever ride a bike and you're tellin me i have to? i'll probably be busy with finals anyway, but i would love to do this.

EM said...

this will be epic.

grzegorz said...

yeghr big up.
sign me up. ill be back early may