Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Adelaide, Australia Rules!

Stalker at the Bachelor Pad
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I have been in Adelaide for the last three weeks to work on a couple bridge construction projects. Luckily, there is a sick bouldering spot just outside of town called The Bachelor Pad. Bouldering pads cost $350 (!) over here, so the locals just drag up open cell foam and leave it in-situ.

The Bachelor Pad is a cave about 1.5 times as wide and 2 times as tall as the Masterbedroom at the Horseden! It has routes from V0 to V13 (thanks to a visit from Klem). The rock is bullet and seriously steep. It is a 25 minute walk from the nearest 106 city bus stop (including ten minutes walking up a steep dirt trail through the bush). The setting includes blue flowers lining the mouth of the cave and vineyards down on the valley floor. The weather is beautiful and the same 106 bus goes to the beach! It is kind of like utopia.

There are a couple sport and trad climbing cliffs nearby, but I am travelling light: one pair of anisazi's, denture brush, sanwich baggie of chalk (what!), so no sport climbing for me.

My next stop is NZ. Happy Holidays and I can wait to hear back from teh dirty south and wild west boulering crews.

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