Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Yeeeeaaaa, so I'm in the library now just running through my usual intard-net sites during my break and I find out that the infamous IkefromLa has been hospitalized due to what seems like an outrageous death-defying fall.

From b.com, "A few days ago, the much beloved or loathed Ike, fell 110 feet from the top of some cliff in St.George. He is currently in the hospital, awaiting surgery to repair a few broken ankles, vertebrae, and bones in the left arm."

Send some good joojoo his way, I know how much its sucks to be broken and in the hospital. But hey! He's still alive, eh? That shit is banannas. Good Luck Issac, and best wishes for a speedy recovery. You'll be crushing again in no time.

And next time you want to get everyone's attention, you don't have to be jumping off any cliffs, ok? Hahaha, Send that hospital shit mang!


Scott Snelling said...

OMGWTFJFC, That's horrible. Ike, I hope they got you hooked up to one of those red buttons! Click that thing a couple times for me.

Seriously dude, it sounds really bad, but 110 feet can certainly end worse. I'm pulling for your swift healing to crushing power.

Nobody is allowed to injure themselves further until CHL is done with med school and can fix us up proper.

EM said...

Get well holmes!