Friday, February 17, 2006

A few photos from Pirate Kansas

siiiick hard FA by Jason Cook... this line, "Cornfed" is proud.

illsick project "Wyatt Earp" (snaked by a local 1 week after i left actually)


the Ranch

another sick new line

one of the better V4's (V2+) on the planet

great highball at the Horseshoe Canyon Ranch... 'bout 6-ish?

the "Resident Beast" at work on another FA.

That's all that I have... if they send me more, i'll relay them.. I am for sure going back next year, and some of y'all should head out there with me if you know what's good.


gk. said...

noice, but I reckon hueco's better.

CHL said...

Looks pretty good...FOR CHOSS!!!! Haha, just kidding, looks nice.

EM said...

Hahaha! Nice dude, looks fun.

ike said...

who needs the politics, crowds, and restrictions of hueco when there is no scene (ie no crowds), and endless potential on remarkable stone in Arkansas? I reckon I'll be spending at least my next winter there ... if not more in the future.